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Hello team. Welcome to this article on wordpress shortcodes.

Before we do though, do you want to see a really cute picture?

Hell Yeah I do!

OK I Hope you guys enjoyed that example of a button. Now let’s move on.

What are CSS shortcodes?

These are built in wordpress ‘shortcodes’ that allow us to do a number of fancy things for formatting. For some reason we had hard coded this in via CSS. Check out the shortcodes section of wordpress here: https://www.ecomcrew.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=shortcodes-ultimate


But the first question is, why should we use shortcodes? Well, for a bunch of reasons:

  • We can add a bunch of cool styling without having to know CSS, like this bulleted list with checkmarks
  • We can add additional functionality to our articles
  • It won’t break like with our custom CSS

But what’s the biggest reason to use shortcodes?

Tell me
Because styling and scannability on the internet is even more important than the actual text and shortcodes help to make our content better

Your brain is probably already starting to imagine what we could do with shortcodes. Imagine a difficult to understand word like quagmire (scroll over for a tool tip).

But as we start to use short codes there’s one thing we must remember: not to get too carried away.  It doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on a pig – it’s still a pig. 

Wrapping things up

ConclusionShortcodes are powerful but we must not abuse them. Let’s think of some useful ways to incorporate shortcodes into our articles to make EcomCrew the best information site in the world for Amazon sellers.

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