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How to Get Out of a Sand Bog

What do you do when you suddenly get heavily stuck in the sand?

In this article, we teach you how to get rid of the clingy sand grains to keep the fun times rolling.

What Is a Sand Bog?

A sand bog is a very soft sand surface that makes your tires sink and immobile, the moment they come in contact with it. You may normally encounter it on beaches and dunes.

Activate Your Crawl Control

For 4x4s equipped with a crawl control system as in the case of automatic vehicles, what you do is engage the rear differential lock. Then, choose “full control on.” The good thing about this feature is it spins your wheels to shake off the sand grains until you move forward and regain a solid, stable surface grip.

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Check Your Tire Pressure

decreasing tire pressure

For 4x4s that are more on the traditional side or without crawl control, the simplest move is to consult your tire deflators. For off-roading purposes, vehicles’ tire pressures normally range from 15-20 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) but may still vary depending on the type of terrain.

Sand surfaces require tire pressure drops of 15-18 PSI. However, if you get stuck in it, airing down further to at least 10 PSI is enough to push your way out.

Use Your 4×4 Shovel

sand shovel

Use your 4×4 shovel to dig into the area where your vehicle got stuck. Scoop away a reasonable amount of sand until the surfaces are closely even. Doing so, helps you create a ramp in front and at the back of your tires, to elevate your vehicle from the low ground.

Rock Your 4×4 Back and Forth

4wd control

Establish a slow and steady momentum to lead your vehicle out by moving it back and forth. It’s a technique that lets you do gentle forwards and reverses to remove excess sand particles to clear your vehicle’s path.

If rocking your 4×4 doesn’t work, you may use your traction boards or pads to guide your vehicle up. This is done by securely placing them under your tires. Then, do a gentle acceleration to give your ride an adequate push forward.

Using a Kinetic Rope

In some instances when both rocking your 4×4 and using traction boards aren’t enough to get you free, you turn to your kinetic ropes. However, be careful in using them. Below are some important reminders.

using a kinetic rope

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4WD Recovery Without Recovery Kit

When worse comes to worst, IF ever you accidentally forgot to bring your entire stash of recovery items on your adventure, there are only three main things you need to consider.

basic 4wd recovery gear

  • Use Your Hands – Dig through the piles of sand until more than half a portion of your tires is showing.
  • Use a Stick – Use a stick that’s not so sharp or your keys to decrease tire pressure. Then, set your phone’s timer to at least two minutes.
  • Rock Your 4×4 Again – Set your crawl control system and gently move your vehicle backward and forward until you’re free.

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Getting your vehicle out of a sand bog can test your patience. But doing it correctly helps you avoid compromising your safety and become a truly responsible four-wheeler. If you have other strategies to free yourself from a sand bog, just share them below.



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