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ATV Goggle Buying Guide

Going off-roading on weekends or on special holidays beats the stress and boredom in you. But let’s face it. No matter how fun such an activity is, the harsh forces of nature like dirt, mud, leaves and the like, getting into your eyes can instantly spoil it.

So, buckle up as we help you decide on the correct ATV goggles with some vital considerations in mind. Afterwards, we’ll let you take your pick on our five, highly-recommended ATV goggles on the market. Make sure you pair them with ATV helmets too.

What to Look for Before Buying

With the many ATV goggle options that you have, it’s always easy to set your eyes on one, without having to evaluate its important features, first. However, never forget that you’ll be using it on your regular 4x4ing basis, which can make or break its level of necessity. So before you part ways with your cash and put your ATV goggles on, here are some things that are always worth considering.    

1.  Size and Comfort Level

atv goggle size guide

Whoever said size doesn’t matter? In a world where quantities and measurements rule, size is one of the factors that maintains balance. Without it, you can just imagine what everything looks like. When you try on your desired ATV goggles that’s too big on your head, it’ll obviously fall off. If it’s the other way around, it’ll be too tight to fit into your head.

While there may be some ATV goggles that provide a one-size-fits-all design, others require you to select your particular size (i.e. small, medium, extra-large, etc.) to help you feel comfortable. This is because it affects your basic movements, especially when on uneven terrain. Plus there’s also a way to find your frame size.    

2.  Foam

atv goggle foam size guide

ATV Goggles have various foam types depending on how difficult to handle the off-roading hazards can be. They’re as follows:

  • Quadruple-layer Foam – is currently the highest form of goggle fitment security because of the multiple cushion surfaces that comprise it. Its extreme thickness ensures there’s empty space between your face and the goggles, a staple for pro off-roaders.
  • Triple-layer Foam – is also an excellent fitment security option. But unlike its quadruple-layer variant, very small amount of dirt or dust can still penetrate it. But can still be used by the pros.
  • Dual and Single-layer Foams – are the basic kinds of ATV goggle foams. They’re only useful for light off-roading activities.

3.  Lens Composition

atv goggle lenses

ATV Goggles’ lens composition plays the most crucial role in terms of protection because it’s the one closest to your eyes. And with this being said, it has a direct contact with the elements. Lenses are developed based on such. Some of them are:

  • Scratch-resistant – Lenses are usually made to be scratch-resistant not only as a way of strengthening them against flying debris but also a way of preventing light scathes that it may acquire from wiping or cleaning.
  • UV-coatedlong hours of exposure from sunlight can sting your eyes, mess with your vision and lead you to deadly collisions. And these are the main reasons why many ATV goggles are designed with a special UV protection surface coat.
  • Anti-fogAccumulated dust or air can instantly blur an off-roader’s vision which can also lead to deadly accidents. But if you’re wearing ATV goggles with such a component, you’ll still be able to see through it. 

4.  Price

Almost all ATV goggles look the same on the outside. But their price tags can give you more or less an idea if they’re worth buying or not. This is because usually the more features they have, the more expensive they are. For example, ATV goggles that have a four-layer foam, UV coating and scratch-resistant lens are more expensive than others which only have a single-layer foam and scratch-resistant lens because of their additional perks.

However, it’s still important that you distinguish what’s cheap, affordable and costly, as it still boils down to your taste and what truly works for you.

5.  Environment

atv goggle usage

Of course, purchasing ATV goggles entails identifying where you’ll be using the ATV goggles, since off-roading gives you an option on traversing different kinds of trail according to the present weather condition. If you live in the cold regions of the globe where it’s almost always winter, you have to wear an ATV goggles that’s meant for snow. This is due to the fact that it stays elastic even on extremely cold temperatures.

Take note, once you match your ATV goggles to your country’s prevailing environmental condition, you can fully maximize its usefulness without compromising your comfort level.  

The Top 5 ATV Goggles

Now that you know the valuable things to remember before you buy your ATV goggles, the moment has come to choose the one that’s both most appealing and useful.  


  Oakley MX O ATV Goggles 100% ATV Goggles 100% Strata Goggles Viral Brand ATV Goggles Dragon MDX ATV Goggles
Price $36.00-$60.00 $75.00 $35.00 $74.99 $26.99
Lens Feature Scratch-resistant with Optical Clarity Anti-fog Anti-fog and Scratch-resistant Clear and Tinted Flexible Single Anti-fog
Foam Three-layer Three-layer Three-layer Four-layer Four-layer
Number of Color Options 11 26 12 5 2

1. Oakley MX O ATV Goggles

oakley atv goggles

When having eagle eyes matters for a winning performance, the Oakley MX O Frame Goggles is a must-try.

This ATV goggles consists of a Lexan lens that gives you a crystal-clear vision. As a result, you’ll be able to properly visually analyze your trail, minus the nasty secrets.

Plus, its two-pin attachment design ensures it won’t suddenly snap in the middle of the action.

Oakley MX O ATV Goggles






  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Doesn’t become rigid in cold conditions.
  • Passed the MX goggle standards.
  • Prevents fogging.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.






  • Quite expensive.
  • Very size-particular.

2.  100% ATV Goggles

100 atv goggles

When sweat on your face blurs your vision, that’s something the 100% Racecraft Goggles with Mirrored Lens can handle.

This ATV goggles comes with a triple-layer foam that adequately absorbs moisture before it even reaches your eyes.

And with its removable nose guard, you always have an option of protecting your nose from unexpected flying debris.

100% ATV Goggles






  • With outriggers for a comfortable fit.
  • Also prevents fogging like the Oakley MX O ATV Goggles.
  • With silicone-coated strap for a secure fit.






  • Tends to slip in hot conditions.
  • Mirrored lens easily chips.
  • The most expensive of all the ATV goggles

3.  100% Strata ATV Goggles

100 strata goggles

If you’re someone who’s after fitment security, then 100% Strata Goggles with Mirrored Lens has the highest rating so far.

This ATV goggles is specifically designed to have a nine-pin lens retention system. This means, it stays where it is, the moment you wear it.

It’s made from elastic urethane frame that’s also comfortable on the skin.

100% Strata ATV Goggles





  • Won’t fall off from your face.
  • Curvature feature adjusts to face shape.
  • Also consists of Lexan lens that extends to peripheral vision like Oakley MX O ATV Goggles.
  • Also scratch-resistant.
  • Comes in different colors as well.





  • Absorbs too much heat.
  • Can be painful on the nose.

4.  Viral Brand ATV Goggles

viral brand goggles

If you need to make sure not a tiny speck of dust enters your ATV goggles, then Viral Brand’s Series PRO 3 Goggles is your best bet.

This ATV goggles doesn’t disappoint because it has a quadruple-layered face foam. Each layer is about 14-millieter thick which leaves no space for dirt or dust.

Its lens are tinted so a great amount of sunlight won’t hurt your eyes.

Viral Brand ATV Goggles





  • Microfleece layer absorbs sweat.
  • Has the thickest foam of all the ATV goggles.
  • Also has a nose guard like 100% ATV Goggles.
  • Gives you a clear-lens option.





  • Limited color selection.
  • Second most expensive goggles.

5.  Dragon MDX ATV Goggles

dragon goggles

When extreme off-roading gives you a long exposure under the sun’s harmful rays, turn to Dragon MDX Print Goggles.

What makes this very useful is the fact that it shields your eyes against the Ultra-Violet light by 100%. Meaning, you can still see through the path, even when the sun’s at its peak.

Moreover, it’s designed with a unidirectional air flow system to keep your face properly cool, even in a hot weather condition.

Dragon MDX ATV Goggles




  • Most affordable of all the ATV goggles.
  • Very comfortable.
  • With just the right tinting level.
  • Also with the thickest foam.




  • Limited color selection.
  • Easy to clean except inside due to anti-fog coating.

Cleaning Your ATV Goggles

Just because we have given you our ATV goggle buying tips and have helped you in choosing the suitable ATV goggles, it doesn’t mean we won’t help you take care of it. As a bonus treat, here’s what we have to say;

how to clean atv goggles


Buying ATV goggles may seemingly require a lot of effort like choosing an ATV seat protector because it doesn’t just stop at making you look good on the track. At the end of the day, what matters is your chosen ATV goggles is able to answer your needs and remains to be of service, on a long-term basis. Share us your own thoughts by commenting below.


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