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Top 5 Best ATV Gifts for Father’s Day

We all idolize certain superheroes while growing up. Who wouldn’t be excited to see Superman soar the sky or be amazed by Spiderman as he ends up ridding the world of bad guys? One way or another, such animated icons have left a mark on our hearts. But did we ever sometimes stop and think that our fathers aren’t different from them?

Sure, they don’t possess an out-of-this-world X-ray vision or an incredible strength but they would do everything in their capacity to make us live a better life. Who sometimes changes your diapers when mom’s not around, or who takes the initiative to take you to the mall, after a bad day in school?

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Believe it or not, our dads are our real-life superheroes who deserves to be equally praised like any other comic superhero. So, show how much you care for them by giving them one of our top 5 best ATV gifts for Father’s Day.

Boss Audio ATV Sound System

Does your dad usually travel the snowy fields on the way to his work place, with nothing to cheer him up? Surprise him with a Boss Audio ATV30BRGB Amplified ATV Sound System.

This ATV accessory is equipped with a 450-Watt Class A and B Amplifier that makes listening to your favorite songs crystal-clear. Plus, you won’t have any problem connecting iPhones or other similar devices to it because it has a 3.5-millimeter Auxiliary Input feature, for compatibility purposes.

This product measures 28.54 inches long, 11.61 inches wide, and 7.87 inches tall. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control that you can use for volume and application adjustments.

Boss Sound System Pros & Cons

  • Words and rhythms/background beats from your songs are clearer than ever.
  • You don’t have to manually adjust the volume because its remote control does the work for you.
  • Its Poly Injection Cone Speakers are weatherproof which means you can conveniently listen to good music, no matter the environmental conditions.
  • Its Auxiliary Input makes the connection of external devices possible.
  • It includes sturdy nylon Velcro straps and a hook, for a secure installation.
  • It can easily consume battery power even when you turn it off.
  • It’s large enough to be noticed by potential thieves.
  • It doesn’t work well with Alpine car amplifier.

$ 165.95

boss audio atv sound system

Coleman MadDog Seat Protector

Are portions of your dad’s ATV seat becoming an eye sore because of visible damage? Prevent the damage from worsening by putting a Coleman MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector on it.

This ATV accessory conceals rips and other unpleasant sights on the seat, as it evades the possibility of further damage, due to pressure or impact. What’s more to love about it, is the fact that it features a delicately molded foam that helps you stay comfortable, even when sitting for long hours.

This product measures 16 inches long, 9.7 inches wide, and 2.7 inches thick. It perfectly stays in place because of its three buckles.

Coleman Seat Protector Pros & Cons

  • It preserves the longevity or lifespan of your ATV seat.
  • Your butt won’t hurt due to long hours of sitting.
  • It won’t slip or slide through your seat, regardless of how bumpy the ride is.
  • It’s moisture-absorbent which makes it dry fast.
  • You might have to do a few fitting adjustments as it doesn’t provide a 100% fit on seats of certain ATV models.
  • You need a short bungee cord to keep its middle part extra tight.
  • It’s not waterproof.

$ 34.78

coleman maddog gearcomfort ride seat protector


Traveling at night or in an area with poor lighting can be dangerous. So, make sure your dad’s vehicle has the proper amount of lighting that’ll guide every path, with LAMPHUS CRUIZER CRLB24 Off Road LED Flood Light Bar.

This ATV accessory has a 60-degree flood light that greatly improves visibility of your travel area. It can be placed on top of a bull bar and once you turn it on, using headlights automatically becomes irrelevant. Moreover, its lenses are dustproof and waterproof that makes it an excellent outdoor companion.

This product is 12 inches long and produces 5,700 Lumens. Attaching it to your preferred areas on your vehicle won’t be a headache, due to its adjustable mounting bracket.

LAMPHUS CRUZIER Light Bar Pros & Cons

  • You no longer need headlights.
  • It can also serve as a work light.
  • Since its lenses are both dustproof and waterproof, you don’t have to worry about any lighting obstruction or malfunction.
  • It’s even resilient against mud and sand.
  • Installing it won’t take much of your precious time.
  • It’s very bright that you won’t be able to directly look at it.
  • You might also have to perform a few fitting adjustments.

$ 32.99

lamphus light bar

Cabela’s Loading Ramp

Does your father have a hard time transferring his ATV to his pickup truck? Make it hassle-free for him this time with Cabela’s YUTRAX ATV Tri-Fold Loading Ramp.

This ATV accessory not only makes loading your ATV into any other vehicle faster but also helps you avoid accidentally damaging it. Through its aircraft aluminum material with plastic-coated fingers, it’s as if your ATV is simply gliding on it. On the other hand, its extruded side rails prevent ATVs from uncontrollably slipping.

This product is about 82 inches long and 46 inches wide when open, with a maximum weight capacity of 1, 750 Pounds. It also comes with safety straps.

Cabela’s Loading Ramp Pros & Cons

  • It’s heavy duty that it doesn’t break.
  • Its safety straps firmly hold it in place.
  • It’s long enough to properly lift an ATV.
  • It immediately folds and unfolds.
  • It doesn’t have a safety metal design in the middle of every section, so you might accidentally slide your foot through it, when stepping on it.
  • It’s particularly intended for bigger 4×4 pickups. If it goes beyond it, then you might start encountering problems.

$ 222.99

cabelas loading ramps

A.R.C. Adventure Jacket

If you want your father to feel more secure and stylish while riding his ATV, then don’t hesitate to give him an A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket.

This is more than just an ATV accessory because it has been improved to make it more resilient against the various types of outdoor danger. For one thing, it has a CE-rated vault brand back and CE-rated CCSO shoulder and elbow armors, to shield such body parts from sudden impact or pressure. Its another notable feature is its waterproof Z-Liner membrane that keeps water out.

This product also boasts of adjustment straps that you can easily access on its lower left and right portions. This means you don’t have to reach farther on the sides or at the back, to properly fit the jacket.

A.R.C. Adventure Jacket Pros & Cons

  • It has a longer tail end so that it stays in place, regardless of your driving position.
  • It has a back reflective component to make sure that you’re noticeable.
  • Its vents have reinforced special tapes that prevent water from getting in.
  • It has two exhaust fans at the back to keep you comfortable.
  • It has YKK zippers to prevent quick tears or damages.
  • Its neck closure is tighter than what you’d expect.
  • It’s quite heavy once you wear it.

$ 202.99

arc adventure jacket

What to Look for When Buying

Whether your dad is going on an out-of-town trip or simply reporting for duty, giving him an extra dose of security is vital in showing him how much you love him. Because of this, keep in mind the following factors, when selecting ATV gifts for his special day.


  • Size – Are you planning on giving your dad a new jacket or the latest ATV sound system? Don’t forget to put into consideration the size of such items involved. If you want to give him a clothing present, see to it that you know his size (i.e. Large, Medium, Extra Large, etc.). When it comes to vehicle parts, make sure that you know the vehicle model because sizes of ATV accessories depend on it.


  • Material – Is the ATV loading ramp made of aluminum or titanium alloy? Perhaps it’s rustproof or waterproof? While it might take extra effort to determine the composition of your chosen ATV accessory, doing so would translate to a huge benefit because it says a lot about its durability.


  • Purpose – Of course, apart from an ATV accessory’s material or composition, you should be fully aware of the reason why you’re buying it, in the first place. Obviously, you wouldn’t buy an ATV seat protector if your real concern is an ATV LED light to help your dad properly see at night. Doing this helps you put your money into good use.


  • Cost – While affordability comes second in your list of priorities next to durability, be very picky when it comes to this because not all that are inexpensive promise usefulness. Generally, the more expensive the product is, the more durable it is. But then again, it isn’t always the case as it’s still somehow a matter of taste or preference.


By choosing the right ATV gifts for Father’s Day based on the size, material, purpose, and cost; you not only make your dad’s life comfortable but also boosts his safety, which is more important than any material gift. Bond with your dads by also doing some top 4×4 mods.

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