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How to Pick an ATV Helmet

Steep, bumpy and rough tracks are common scenarios that greet every off-roader. But are you equipped with the right gear to protect your head against sudden concussions or something worse than injuries?

In this article, we’ll give you a walkthrough in choosing an ATV helmet, to get you ready in case a fun adventure takes a dangerous turn.

Why Wearing an ATV Helmet Matters

atv safety

Sensible and responsible ATV usage is necessary to reduce if not to completely prevent fatal accidents from happening and one way to do this is by wearing an ATV helmet. Sadly, a lot of people still don’t take such an advice very seriously, until the damage has been done.

Believe it or not, other people refuse to wear ATV helmets for reasons like; wanting to feel the air on their faces and vision restriction. While these may prove to be true one way or another, putting on an ATV helmet can still make a big difference between life and death.

If this doesn’t make a convincing statement, then the Saskatchewan All-terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA)’s findings headed by John Meed, should change your mind.

According to the study after a 2013 ATV accident, wearing an ATV helmet minimizes people’s death risk by 42% and head injury by 64%. Then, Luke Lester, Contributing Editor of Dirt Trax Magazine, solidified such a claim saying it dipped the death risk further at 70% in 2015.

1.  Helmet Style

atv helmet styles

There are three main ATV helmet styles to choose from depending on the outdoor activity you usually get yourself into.

ATV goggles are usually paired with Off-road helmets for eye protection purposes.

2.  Size

atv helmet sizes chart
Courtesy of Billy’s Crash Helmets

Determining the size of your helmet is a great way to ensure that your helmet isn’t too tight or loose on your head. Don’t forget to use the given ATV helmet sizes chart.

3.  Material

atv helmet types

Since you’ll be shopping for ATV helmets, you may as well find out where your desired ATV helmet is made from because it adds to the list of features that you’ll eventually benefit in.

4.  Helmet Price


ATV Helmet Style Price
Open-face Helmet $70 range
Full-face Helmet $100 range
Off-road Helmet $139 or higher range

When it comes to price, the material of an ATV helmet is a huge determinant (Price table above courtesy of and PowerSport TV).

5.  Head Shape

head shape types for helmets

Next factor to keep in mind would be the shape of your head. Even though you become successful in finding your ATV helmet size, there’s still a chance you’ll have trouble fitting the helmet into your head. Many people may not be aware of it but there are three types of head shapes.

6.  Skin Test

itchy helmet

Finally, you’ll know your ATV helmet is really for you when your skin approves of it. Take note, there are others who have allergic reactions to certain chemicals which can’t be identified quickly if you don’t perform the skin test.

how to set up helmet

Wearing an ATV helmet can be as plain as quickly slipping it on your head but there’s a real trick to it. Make sure you don’t hurt your head or your face by following the steps above. Click here for the full pointers.


These are the things you should always consider when picking an ATV helmet. By carefully choosing an ATV helmet, you’re not only removing yourself from harm’s way but you’re also practicing responsible ATV usage, for others and new generations to emulate. Tell us what you think by commenting below.


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