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Top 5 Truck Bed Tool Boxes to Try Today

Do you need a truck bed tool box that won’t give you a hard time lifting and putting it behind your truck? Or you don’t mind something that’s a bit bulky as long as all your important tools are easily accessible?

Don’t worry because in this article, we’ll give you a glimpse of the best truck bed tool boxes and help you choose the right one, according to some of the main buying reminders.


What to Look For When Buying

Having your own truck bed tool box isn’t as easy as far as what you need or what truly benefits you matters. But here are some factors you should consider if you find yourself torn between truck bed tool box brands.

1. Truck Bed Tool Box Type

truck bed tool box type

Do you need truck tool boxes where you can put all your repair tools in them? Or are you only looking for something that stores random stuff?

There are different types of truck bed tool boxes but they greatly depend on where you mount them. If you prefer a typical truck bed tool box that you can place at the back of your cab with the help of side rails, go for the crossover tool box.

This is the traditional kind that’s very affordable and requires low maintenance. If you like the one with a large storage capacity that touches the floor of your truck, without blocking your driver’s view, the chest box tool box is an excellent choice.

2. Truck Bed Tool Box Construction

truck bed tool box material

The construction tells a lot about where your truck bed tool box is made from. If you’re not into the idea of putting too much load on yours, you can choose one that’s made from plastic. This is because plastic is a basic material that’s almost present in all containers, and popular for being light. The problem with it though is it easily gets damaged.

However, if you’ll be storing work-related valuables in your truck bed tool box, which requires extreme protection, a little investment on the stainless steel option won’t hurt, as far as long-term usage is concerned.   

3. Truck Bed Tool Box Price

Price Range

Material Plastic Aluminum Steel
Price $97-$399 $129-$531 $266-$555


If the type of truck bed tool box is dependent on where you should mount it, then its price is dependent on its construction material. With that being said, truck bed tool box price varies. The table above shows this based on

Some can go for as low as a hundred dollars while others can be worth more than a thousand dollars. Obviously, if you want to purchase something that’s made from high quality stainless steel with a reinforced or added design, it’s automatically expensive.

Take note that extra features such as one-touch design, retracting lock, etc., also add up to a truck bed tool box’s overall cost.  

1.  Weather Guard Tool Box

weather guard tool box

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The Weather Guard 127-0-02 Aluminum Full-Standard Saddle Box only takes a few minutes to mount on your truck bed because of its attachment points.

This truck bed tool box is specially designed with an ARMOR-TUF clear coating that effectively keeps your belongings safe and intact. Plus, you’ll be giving thieves a direct hands-off signal with its retracting EXTREME PROTECTION lock. In fact, even if it accidentally gets thrown outside, it won’t burst open and spill your stuff.

This Weather Guard truck tool box is about 71 1/2 inches long, 201/4 inches wide, and 18 1/2 inches tall. It also comes with a weather seal that makes it resilient against harsh weather conditions.


Weather Guard Tool Box Pros & Cons

  • Very durable.
  • Has a generous room for your valuables at 48 inches.
  • Automotive-style rotary latch gives easy access to your valuables.
  • Needs a universal mounting kit for easy installation.
  • Quite expensive.


2.  TruXedo Tool Box

truxedo toolbox

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The TruXedo 1117416 TonneauMate Truck Tool Box that you can conveniently raise or lower on your truck bed, for additional space or safety purposes.

This truck bed tool box spares you from installation issues because of its adjustable mounting design. The mounting design lets you conveniently put it on your vehicle’s area of preference, due to its one-size-fits-most construction.

This truck bed tool box is 55 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 15 inches tall. If you’re planning on mounting it on an unconventional area, you have to use extra bolts or clamps, to ensure it doesn’t fall off.


TruXedo Tool Box Pros & Cons

  • Gives you plenty of mounting options.
  • Leaves more space for your valuables.
  • Needs more clamps on some mounting positions.
  • Can only be opened from the driver’s side.
  • Plastic top can be easily opened by thieves


3.  TRINITY Tool Box

trinity tool box

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The TRINITY TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Box is something to look forward to in terms of usefulness and price.

Unlike other truck bed tool boxes, its capacity can store items of various shapes and sizes, ideal when you’re into delivery services or just need to secure your tools against external factors. It also keeps your valuables safe from thieves because of its unique locking system.

And because you have the options to either put it on your truck bed, garage, or carry it around your workplace, it’s versatility and accessibility go well with affordability.


TRINITY Tool Box Pros & Cons

  • Most affordable of all the truck bed tool boxes.
  • Gives you a lot of mounting options.
  • Forklift and crane accessible.
  • Requires purchasing a separate padlock.
  • Can be damaged due to mishandling/shipment issues.
  • Has the smallest storage capacity.

4.  UnderCover Tool Box

undercover tool box

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The UnderCover SC100D Swing Case Truck Storage Box is an alternative portable tool box that mounts to the side of your truck box opposed to the back.

This truck bed tool box is only 34 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 8.5 inches tall. This one’s slim design makes it easy to carry around, just like the TRINITY tool box. Plus, it offers tool access by swinging it out, instead of just simply popping it open. However, it’s mounting position is only limited to either side of your truck bed.

This truck bed tool box can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds. It comes with six self-tapping screws and a sliding tool tray for easy installation.


UnderCover Tool Box Pros & Cons

  • Includes multi-purpose cup holders.
  • Compact.
  • Easier to lift and carry than other tool boxes.
  • Can store a wide variety of items from repair tools to sporting goods.
  • Rotates to nearly 180 degrees for easy access.
  • Doesn’t have a very big storage capacity.
  • Rattles noisily when empty.
  • Made from plastic which isn’t durable.


5.  DeeZee Tool Box

deezee toolbox

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The DeeZee DZ8546 Red Label Utility Chest brims with longevity because its 0.056 Brite-Tread Aluminum skin is rustproof.

The good thing about this truck bed tool box is it’ll be able to safely store your belongings for a longer period. And with its V-Pan Lid Stiffener, it surely stays in shape regardless of various levels of pressure or impact, from external forces.

This truck bed tool box also has a stainless steel paddle that secures in place, to prevent any unnecessary movement while carrying it.


DeeZee Tool Box Pros & Cons

  • Rustproof.
  • Paddle handle stays up if needed.
  • Internal bends provide further protection.
  • With plastic tool tray for a neat item arrangement.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Not as extremely durable as the other variants.
  • Cover only opens at 60 degrees.
  • Box is smaller and thinner in the actual look.

items to put in tool box

Getting a truck bed tool box is sweet but it’s not just for accessory purposes. As such, you need to make sure that what you put in it are vital, because you’ll never know when an emergency strikes. Aside from the usual tools like pliers and hammers, above are some of the important items you shouldn’t leave home without. For the complete list, click here.


These are the top 5 truck bed tool boxes that are worthy of your attention. But don’t just solely rely on the one that has the most appeal to you. This is because you have to consider the truck bed tool box type, construction, and price, to truly benefit from your chosen truck bed tool box’s usefulness. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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