Going off-roading using your ATV isn’t cool if you can’t comfortably sit on it. That’s because damaged ATV seats can provide you with less butt support and can mess with your concentration level.

So in this article, we came up with a list of the highly-recommended ATV seat protectors to address such related issues. If it doesn’t satisfy you, we’ll help you perform an ATV seat repair.


  HONDA PARTSHOUSE ATV Seat Protector Classic Accessories Deluxe ATV Seat Protector Outlaw Utility ATV Seat Protector Kolpin ATV Seat Protector Classic Accessories Camo ATV Seat Protector
Price $22.94 $28.53 $15.95 $16.21 $14.01
Surface Feature Ani-slip, flexible, UV-resistant UV and Water-resistant Water-resistant UV-resistant Flexible
Security Feature Adjustable bottom straps Adjustable click-close bottom straps Three nylon quick-release button buckles Nylon web straps and quick-release button buckles Adjustable click-close bottom straps
Warranty Two Years Two Years One Year One Year One Year


When exposure from sunlight and other natural elements make your ATV seat’s surface crack and its color fade, put on a HONDA PARTSHOUSE ATV Deluxe Seat Cover.

This ATV seat protector consists of a special Ultraviolet (UV)-resistant ProtekX material. This means it has greater resiliency against sunlight exposure compared with its ordinary counterparts.

On the other hand, it has a Polyurethane (PU) backing, which makes it flexible during cool weather conditions for a comfortable ride. Find out what makes it different from a PVC here.


  • Anti-slip surface prevents your butt from sliding.
  • Flexible hem contributes to a secure fit.
  • Easy to maintain because of the machine-washable factor.

  • Quite expensive than other seat protectors.
  • PU backing is flexible under cold temperature but brittle under hot temperature.


2.  Classic Accessories Deluxe ATV Seat Protector

When sitting for a long time puts a strain on your butt, turning to Classic Accessories QuadGear Deluxe ATV Seat Cover is a great idea.

This ATV seat cover is equipped with a thick EVA surface that’s neither too hard nor too soft on the skin, for an optimal riding experience, as it extends your seat’s lifespan.

It also has a ProtekX component similar to that of the HONDA ATV seat cover, for improved protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

Classic Accessories Deluxe ATV Seat Protector

  • Easy to fit because of the click-close straps.
  • Water-resistant
  • Also machine washable like HONDA ATV seat protector.

  • Most expensive of all the ATV seat protectors.
  • Slippery on the butt.


3.  Outlaw Utility ATV Seat Protector

Do the tears on your ATV seat get bigger as time goes by? Get an Outlaw Utility Universal Seat Protector.

This ATV seat protector’s padded surface prevents existing seat damage from worsening, as a result of too much friction between your butt and seat.

Plus, it clings tightly to your seat with its three nylon, quick-release buckles, to ensure it stays where it is, no matter how bumpy your ride gets.

Outlaw Utility ATV Seat Protector

  • Easily fits and removes like Kolpin ATV seat protector.
  • Water-resistant
  • Contoured seat pad gives additional support and comfort.
  • Affordable

  • Easily fades.
  • Saddle surface could use widening and softening.


4.  Kolpin ATV Seat Protector

ATV seat protectors should always fit well on the seat regardless of its size. So if it’s something that matters to you, go for Kolpin 93645 Black Seat Cover.

With measurements of only a total of 26” long that’s 13” in front and 15 ½” at the back, this ATV seat protector is suitable even for smaller to average-size ATV vehicles.

And unlike the HONDA ATV seat cover’s PU backing, this one has PVC instead. This means it doesn’t get brittle when exposed to sunlight for long hours.

Kolpin ATV Seat Protector

  • Easily fits like the Classic Accessories variant.
  • Easy to remove due to the quick-release buckle.
  • Also UV-resistant.
  • Affordable

  • You need to measure your ATV seat for exact fitting before ordering.
  • Velcro straps easily gets damaged.
  • Surface gets easily wrinkled.


Reference on Kolpin’s Warranty: https://www.kolpin.com/customer-service

5.  Classic Accessories Camo ATV Seat Protector

If you’re more concern of protecting your ATV seat against water splashes and dirt residues than sunlight exposure, then pick Classic Accessories QuadGear Camo ATV Seat Cover.

This ATV seat protector shields your seat against minor exposure from the elements which is a good option, especially if you’re into minor off-roading.

It’s also machine-washable like most ATV seat protectors in a way that cleaning it won’t be much of an effort.

Classic Accessories Camo ATV Seat Protector

  • Most affordable of all the ATV seat protectors.
  • Also with flexible hem and click-close straps like the deluxe version.

  • Easily fades.
  • Doesn’t stay in place.
  • Lacks UV protection.


Recovering a Damaged ATV Seat

If you’re already tired of buying ATV seat protectors again and again, and are open to other ideas like ATV seat repair, we can give you a hand on such matters as well. For the complete guide, click here.


These are the 5 best ATV seat protectors that you should keep an eye out for. By choosing the one according to your off-roading preference, you’ll be able to achieve the right level of comfort, with other on-the-side benefits. If you have no plans of buying any of them, you have the freedom to personally restore your ATV seat, through our given guide. Share us your thoughts by commenting below.