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How to Wire a Winch

Whether you’re mounting your winch to the front or back of your vehicle, wiring it is quite easy. In this article we’ll give an overview of the basics of wiring your winch.

Mounting Your Winch

In this article we are not covering the act of actually mounting your winch. In reality, this will probably be the most difficult part of installing your winch. There’s a wide variety of mounting possibilities and thus it’s difficult to explain fully in one article. 

What You Need to Wire a Winch

Wiring a winch would be close to impossible if you lack the necessary materials to complete it.

  1. Winch wiring
  • Wires are color-coded in such a way to help you tell which is which.
  • Earth cables are placed on the bull bars.
  • How to Do It:
  • From the control box, attach the positive wire to its partner and do the same with the negative.
  • You may also connect the positive wire to the battery at the end of the installation.
  • Run your winch off your cranking battery to help it receive the ideal amount of electricity and operate smoothly.
  1. Fitting your winch into your vehicle
  • The central area in your engine bay’s good for mounting a winch’s control box because it provides adequate space that lets its wiring conveniently connect to the winch itself.
  • On many bull bars, the 4 main bolts are situated on a plate in front of them but there are some which are found at the bottom.
  • Carrying and attaching your winch in place is heavy so don’t forget to ask help from a friend or relative.
  • How to Do It:
  • Put the color-coded wires in their respective slots behind the bull bar but putting them behind the grill is also possible.
  • Run the negative wire from the chassis rail to the battery but push it away for a while.
  • Bolt the winch either in front or at the bottom of the plate depending on the bull bar brand and model.
  • Run the wiring and press “in” on the remote control for testing.

Regarding your winch’s wiring style, you may use either of the most common ways:

1.  Single-battery Winch Setup

winch wiring to battery

More information here.

2.  Winch-on-trailer Setup

winch setup on trailer


Wiring your winch needs a keen sense of observation and understanding to work well. This way, you know you can maximize your winch’s usefulness while you stay away from potential danger. Share us your own experiences in mounting a winch by leaving a comment below.

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