What Are the Most Popular 4×4 Vehicles in America?

What are the most popular 4×4 off-road vehicles in America? In this article we’ll break it down.

Summary of the Top 4×4 Vehicles in America

In short, the most popular 4×4 in America, for many years, has been the Ford F-Series (especially the Ford F150). This probably won’t come as a huge surprise to many. After that, it’s followed by the Chevy Silverado, the Dodge Ram, a couple different Jeep models. Here’s a quick summary of each (below we’ll break down the sales figures).

  1. Ford F-Series: The Ford F-Series is a full-size pickup truck known for its towing and hauling capabilities, with a range of engine options and available features to suit a variety of needs.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: The Chevrolet Silverado is another full-size pickup truck with a range of engine options, and its available features include advanced trailering technology and an off-road package.
  3. Ram Pickup: The Ram Pickup is a full-size pickup truck with a comfortable interior and available features like a 12-inch touchscreen display and air suspension system.
  4. Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a midsize SUV with a luxurious interior and off-road capabilities, with available features like an adjustable air suspension and multiple 4×4 systems.
  5. Jeep Wrangler: The Jeep Wrangler is an iconic off-road vehicle with a rugged design and excellent off-road capabilities, with available features like a removable top and doors for open-air driving.

Sales Figures of the Top Selling 4×4 Vehicles in America (2021)

Here’s a detailed look at the sales figures of the top selling 4x4s in America for 2021. As you’ll notice, the Ford/Chevy/Dodge trucks have a pretty big gap between the next closest vehicles on the list.

Vehicle 2021 Sales
Ford F-Series 787,422
Chevrolet Silverado 595,974
Ram Pickup 563,676
Jeep Grand Cherokee 209,786
Jeep Wrangler 201,311
Toyota 4Runner 129,052
Ford Explorer 123,641
Subaru Outback 118,086
GMC Sierra 96,633
Chevrolet Colorado 96,238

Sales Figures of the Top Selling 4×4 Vehicles in Canada (2021)

In case there’s any Canadians in the audience curious about the most popular 4x4s in Canada, here’s a summary of the most popular 4×4 vehicles in Canada. The list is pretty comparable to the United States with a couple of exceptions (i.e. the Toyota Tacoma makes it to the top 10).

Vehicle 2020 Sales
Ford F-Series 145,064
Ram Pickup 96,108
GMC Sierra 71,011
Chevrolet Silverado 58,205
Jeep Wrangler 54,400
Toyota Tacoma 47,394
Ford Ranger 43,848
Jeep Grand Cherokee 37,941
Nissan Rogue 33,583
Hyundai Tucson 29,035

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