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10 Best Overlanding Christmas Gifts This 2019

Christmas season means embarking on new trails with family and friends but are you all set to keep things merry?

This Yuletide 2019, we’ll be sharing with you some exciting overlanding gift ideas and why you should be giving them to your adventurous bunch. Don’t forget to wrap them up with love, before you get bitten by the holiday bug!

1.  WANDA ATV Tires

wanda atv tires

Obstacles on your journey shouldn’t get in the way. So when braving the path, the WANDA Premium ATV Tires should keep you going.

What’s fascinating about these ATV tires is despite of being classified as an all-season type that’s usually meant for muddy and rocky trails, they have shoulder lugs that also work well on snow.

Plus, they’re made from a 6-ply nylon material that’s thick enough to protect their surface against sharp rocks and other harsh objects that are hidden in plain sight.



  • Self-cleaning for better grip.
  • Suitable for different trail conditions.
  • Lug patterns enhance snow traction.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Can’t withstand heavy snow.
  • Lacks enough size at 5 PSI.×8-12-25×10-12/dp/B00KWSUIKC/

2.  Outland Fire Pit

outland fire pit

It’s possible to feel cozy while in nature’s company. But to do this, you need an Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Portable Fire Pit.

This fire pit completely disregards the use of ash or wood yet it effectively prevents you from freezing out there. In fact, it creates a fine flame without the toxic fume.

And if you’re worried about campfire restrictions, you have peace of mind because it has approval from the CSA Group (previously Canadian Standards Association) to ensure it won’t cause danger on camping grounds. For other camping-related issues, check out Top 10 Camping Mistakes to Avoid Now.

Outland Fire Pit


  • Can be contained with a cover.
  • Instantly provides warmth in cold conditions.
  • Very compact.
  • Affordable.


  • Loud hissing sound can be heard.
  • Warmth can only be felt if you’re close enough.

3.  Odoland LED Lantern

odoland led lantern

When you and your friends are up for some nighttime exploration, keeping an Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern’s useful.

This LED camping lantern’s composed of 18 low-powered light bulbs that don’t hurt on the eyes but are effective enough to illuminate your surroundings, whether you’re familiarizing yourselves around camp or settling in your tent.

If you need to move from one place to the next, you can just collapse it and carry it comfortably without the hassle.

Odoland LED Lantern


  • Doubles as a fan with high and low modes based on comfort preference.
  • Very affordable.
  • Fan doesn’t produce an irritating sound.
  • Light’s sufficient for 2-8 people.


  • Air from fan is only useful under high mode.
  • Not so durable due to plastic construction.

4.  Kare & Kind Self-stirring Mug

kare and kind mug

The cold season shouldn’t literally get into your nerves. Warm up with your favorite coffee or cocoa using the Kare & Kind Self-stirring Coffee Mug.

This self-stirring mug’s great when you’re in a hurry for a trip but you need a dose of your morning boost. As a matter of fact, mixing your drink with a spoon’s no longer needed because the mug does it for you, with just a push of a handle’s button.

Worried about cleaning? You don’t have too because the magnetic stirrer below is detachable for easy washing.

Kare & Kind Self-stirring Mug


  • Very affordable.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Comes with a cover to prevent spills.


  • Can only be cleaned through hand wash.
  • Has a cup holder incompatibility issue.

5.  Coleman Camping Chair

coleman camping chair

Lounging in style and comfort’s easy even if you’re not at home, with Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair.

This portable camping chair not only spares you from standing and slouching for long periods outside but also ensures your cola, root beer and other drinks stay cold, with its included cooler.

Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility of straining your back because it’s equipped with a padded back support.

Coleman Camping Chair


  • Comes in 4 colors.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can support a maximum weight of 325lbs.
  • Light and compact.


  • Doesn’t have a moisture-wicking property.
  • Can’t be reclined.
  • Storage bag’s super thin.

6.  GigaTent Portable Changing Room

gigatent pop up pod

Getting some privacy when you’re outdoor’s difficult, especially when there’s a lingering feeling of prying eyes. But you can cast such a problem aside with GigaTent Pop-up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent.

This portable changing room stands 6-ft. tall offering you sufficient coverage when you need it the most, whether you prefer it as a simple changing room or as a bathroom for taking quick showers.

Its 3-pound weight makes it very light and its foldable design makes it easy to put away, when not in use.

GigaTent Portable Changing Room


  • Quick to setup.
  • Can also function as a rain shelter.
  • Very affordable.


  • Only available in 1 color.
  • Zipper isn’t durable.
  • Needs bigger flaps for stability.

7.  DEWALT Tool Box

dewalt tool box

Keeping your tools close to you is important because you’ll never know when they’ll come in handy. Good thing there’s DEWALT DWST17814 Tstak Tool Box to make it happen.

This tool box provides extra room for your valuables at an inner dimension of approximately more than 15” in length, 11” in width and 4” in height.

One more thing to note about it is the upper compartment holds various dividers to put your drills and bits in an orderly manner.



  • Gives immediate access to tools.
  • Keeps items organized.
  • Can accommodate tools that are quite big.
  • Removes the hassle of searching.


  • Not durable due to plastic construction.
  • Cross braces could’ve added security on the lower level.
  • Unequal weight distribution of tools.

8.  Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Utility Knife

holtzman's gorilla survival

Even when you’re in the middle of having fun, emergency cases can still come creeping around. So, being always prepared with a Holtzman’s Premium Utility Knife’s a must.

This utility knife features a dual design: a knife that you can use for cutting and or slicing on one end, while the other transforms into a utility knife that’s ideal for D.I.Y. repairs and other related projects.

Another good thing about it, is you can use it for self-defense when the situation calls for it, or when the presence of danger’s nearby.

Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Utility Knife


  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Comes with a clip to secure in place.
  • Very affordable.
  • Versatile function.


  • Screw bits are short.
  • Blade’s very sharp so extra precaution’s needed.

9.  Offroading Gear 4×4 Recovery Kit

offroading gear recovery kit

Being one with the holiday spirit isn’t an excuse to not get stuck somewhere on the globe. Therefore, having Offroading Gear’s 9-piece 4×4 Recovery Kit helps.

This 4×4 recovery kit’s a clever little buddy that’ll assist you in recovering your vehicle, with its snatch strap and winch line extension that are useful for long-distance winching.

It also includes a winch line dampener to ensure your winch line drops and doesn’t come to you like a speeding bullet, in case it breaks.

Offroading Gear 4×4 Recovery Kit


  • A very comprehensive kit.
  • Affordable.
  • Straps are really strong.


  • Bag isn’t durable.
  • Some items can be left unused.

10. Gazelle Tents Camping Tent

gazelle camping tent

Nobody wants to keep waiting for long hours just to setup a tent. For such a problem, the Gazelle 33300 T3 Pop-up Overlanding Tent is the solution.

This overlanding tent surprisingly takes only 90 seconds to assemble making it roughly around more than just a minute.

Plus, it’s stable enough against the wind because of its metal hubs and fiberglass that keep it firmly on the ground.

Gazelle Tents Camping Tent


  • Affordable.
  • Detachable floor for easy cleaning.
  • Compatible with mats.
  • Spacious.


  • Bulky when backpacking.
  • Not enough rainfly overhang.

Tips When Buying Christmas Gifts

Shopping Christmas gifts every year can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start and don’t have a specific plan to follow. Yes, knowing your family and friends well enough to identify what they love matters. However, there are other considerations you should take into account, to successfully snag the perfect present. Here are some of them.

stop overspending

It’s easy to get excited and be confident in buying Christmas gifts but what if you’ve only saved enough? According to a study conducted by a year ago, about 45% of Americans are forced to spend a lot during the Christmas season.

This usually stems from the high expectations of family, relatives and peers in terms of the givers’ financial capability. On the other hand, the givers fear their gifts won’t be appreciated, if only bought within their means and are of less-adequate quality.

If you feel like you’ll end up succumbing to it, seek help from a close friend or relative and ask if it’s possible to have a Secret Santa. This way, you can start swapping gift ideas and set a limit to your budget. For example, $20-$30 or $50-$70.

sale announcements

Now this is what you should also keep in mind. Buying gifts doesn’t mean you have to wait for the exact Christmas period to arrive before doing it. The problem with buying DURING the season is that regular prices of commodities are high because the demand for them is also high.

Why not start buying gifts on a Black Friday Sale or Mid-year Sale for a change? Prices of certain items during such promotions are normally discounted from 20-25% off but you’ll be very lucky if you can catch others at 50% off.

The great thing about such deals is you’re not only spending within your budget but you’re also buying something that someone will SURELY like.

experiences as gifts

Sometimes, a Christmas gift isn’t something you quantify. Remember the famous quote, “Have stories to tell, not stuff to show by Cara Alwill Leyba?” Gifts aren’t only expressed in material things because they can also be expressed through shared experiences.

When you go to an orphanage and participate in a feeding program organized by the local community, helping others is already considered a present.

When you offer your parents an overnight stay with you in a hotel, the time you spend with them is also considered a priceless gift. It’s one of your only chances to make your presence felt to them, especially when you’re usually busy and not at home.

D.I.Y. Touch LED Lantern

If you’re still persistent in giving your overlanding folks a gift but are not interested in any of our suggestions, why not make your gift something more personal like a homemade touch LED lantern? Below are a few steps on how to do it. Click here for the full instructions.

diy led lantern


Celebrating the Christmas season can become less festive if you go for the extremes. Work on a fair deal that’ll not force you to drain your savings yet something that’ll still make your folks and friends happy, at the same time. You may even be surprised that the bonding time you share with them is more than enough as a present. Don’t forget to share us your experiences on this matter by commenting below.



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