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5 Best Off-road Water Filters

Longing to quench your thirst in between your exciting outdoor adventures? Even though you have a reasonable amount of water supply, time will come it’ll be consumed and you’ll be forced to find a way on how to safely drink water from a definite source.

In this article, we’ll be giving you our five highly-recommended water filters to take with you, whether you find yourself in an off-beaten path or you’re out for a simple vacation. This way, you know you aren’t compromising what you drink and eat. If you’re looking for more great truck tent ideas for your next trip, visit


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An off-road water filter is a vital item that purifies water from any source by removing dirt and other contaminants that are dangerous to health.

Off-road water filters vary from brand, design and usage. If you’re a tourist or on explorer mode aboard your Recreational Vehicle (RV), an off-road water filter that lasts from 45 to 60 days of use should be enough.

However, if you’re permanently living in your RV, you have to usually replace them on a monthly basis due to the fact they get clogged and unfit for use.

Off-road water filters are classified into three types. Are you after the thorough process of cleaning water? Or are you after of the portability and mounting convenience, too? Each type performs a specific function based on your preferences.

types of water filter

Reverse Osmosis – Experts argue that even though this type serves its purpose, it accidentally strips off water minerals that are good for the body.

Inline – It facilitates in purifying your entire water supply before it settles into your water tank.

Compact – comes with containers that you could mount either externally or internally on your water system.

1.  Camco Off-road Water Filter

camco rv water filter

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When it comes to purifying the water at its finest, the Camco 40043 TastePURE RV Marine/Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector easily snags the throne.

What makes this off-road water filter tough on germs is its 100-micron fiber barrier design that keeps dirt, mold and different forms of bacteria at bay.

Another good thing to note about it is it can last an entire camping season and its hose gives it a bit of flexibility when mounting it directly on your camper.

It won’t give you a hard time installing it, too.

Camco Off-road Water Filter Pros & Cons

  • Makes you feel like you’re drinking fresh and clean water.
  • Very affordable.
  • Disposable.
  • No need for confusing assembly steps.
  • Doesn’t specify how many months fit for use.
  • Flexible hose easily breaks.
  • Still needs an elbow detachable nozzle to extend hose’s lifespan.

2.  Culligan Off-road Water Filter

culligan rv water filter

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If lifespan specificity is an issue on the Camco off-road water, then its counterpart Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-tank Recreational Water Filter with Hose, makes up for it.

This off-road water filter can surprisingly last for up to a year, depending on the water source’s quality.

It’s also capable of minimizing the amount of contaminants, from lime, chlorine to harmful bacteria via its Kinetic Degradation Fluxion design (KDF).

Plus, it easily eliminates the disturbing iron scent and taste on water, to help you comfortably hydrate.

Culligan Off-road Water Filter Pros & Cons

  • Quickly mounts on campers and other RV types.
  • Bacteriostatic filter restricts bacterial and parasitic growth.
  • Very affordable.
  • Also with flexible hose.
  • Only intended for cold water.
  • Short connector hose has a tendency to leak.
  • Somehow restricts water flow.

3.  AQUA CREST Off-road Water Filter

aquacrest water filter

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When you’re an absolute meticulous for clean water whether for drinking or taking a bath, the AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter should pass your standard.

This off-road water filter stands out from the rest of its competitors on the list because it uses three cleansing stages to make your water truly safe; the KDF that lessens excessive water contamination from metallic elements, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) that absorbs dirt and fluoride remover.

It has basically high-class water filtering features at an extremely affordable price which can also be used for farming, brewing and camping to name a few.

And you don’t have to worry about buying one every now and then because it lasts a maximum of three months.

AQUA CREST Off-road Water Filter Pros & Cons

  • Most affordable of all the off-road water filters.
  • Effective.
  • Has a long lifespan.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with various water filter models.
  • Avoid overtightening the threading .
  • Needs thorough cleansing before using.
  • Would’ve been better if sold in packs of two.

4.  CLEARSOURCE Off-road Water Filter

clearsource water filter

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If you’re searching for an off-road water filter that provides you with a wider range of protection against various contaminants than the typical water filter, then CLEARSOURCE Premium RV Water Filter System is your guy.

What’s interesting about this off-road water filter is the fact that it not only repels common water contaminants like chlorine, sediment and silt but also repels pesticides and a special parasite called, Giardia, which causes intestinal problems.

With its dual-stage filtration system, the in-line filter traps large contaminants including rocks but anything small that passes through gets caught in the clearsource layer.

Moreover, its canisters are oversized in such a way to improve the water flow.

CLEARSOURCE Off-road Water Filter Pros & Cons

  • Has stainless steel fittings for a secure hold.
  • CLEARSOURCE filter can be substituted for a smaller-holed filter for a more effective cleaning.
  • Comes with a variant that features triple-stage filtration.
  • Removes E-coli and Giardia.
  • Most expensive of all the off-road water filters.
  • Requires quick-connect hose for faster mounting.
  • Not light and difficult to store.

5.  RV WATER FILTER STORE Off-road Water Filter

rv water filter store

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A combination of increased water flow and filtration is something that RV WATER FILTER STORE’s Essential RV Water Filter System with Hose Fittings does best.

One notable feature of this off-road water filter is its lead-absorbing design fused with carbon and fibers, to produce potable water at a faster rate than the others.

It also eliminates the foul smell and harmful bacteria that may be found in water sources like wells and campsites.

Furthermore, you can firmly set it down with the help of a stabilizing bracket.

RV WATER FILTER SOURCE Off-road Water Filter Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install.
  • Has easy-to-follow mounting instructions.
  • Improves water taste.
  • Can be used on showers.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Connectors are made from plastic.
  • Canisters easily flip.

What Is a Micron?

If you’ve come across the term, “Micron,” while shopping for the right off-road water filter, it’s a unit of measurement that describes the particle or residue size the off-road water filter can remove from the passing water.

Bear in mind though, there’s no such thing as an exact particle size since a micron is only a general estimation.

There are two types of micron ratings that have a varying degree of usefulness:

The first is nominal which measures the amount of collected particles at a given particle size. For example, an off-road water filter can remove 95% of dirt particles under 5 microns.

The other is absolute which is very important in capturing bacteria or other contaminants that aren’t visible in plain sight because they’re smaller than a strand of hair and dust.

As a general rule, the smaller an off-road water filter’s micron capacity, the more thorough and effective it is in terms of its water cleansing technique.

Some Micron Particle Ratings

Particle Type Particle in Microns
Beach Sand 100-2000
Human Hair 70
Household Dust 40
White Blood Cells 25
Bacteria 3
Lead Dust 2

How to Replace an Off-road Water Filter

Moving from different places one at a time means you’re subjecting your off-road water filter to different substances and particles. In fact, getting your hands on the necessary off-road water filter can be a challenge because you should not only understand how to use it but also learn how to maintain it the way it should be, which includes correct replacement.

Don’t forget to turn off your water source first, before proceeding with the off-road water filter replacement because you wouldn’t want to waste a large amount of water as it spills on the ground.

Such a replacement is easy because it only involves a few steps that even the not-so-mechanically-inclined person can do. However, you might need a wrench to fully secure its mounting hardware in place, to ensure proper installation. Click here for the full instructions.

rv water filter replacement


Drinking water from just about anywhere isn’t safe. And it’s even more dangerous when you use such water in preparing your meals or doing other activities. By purchasing an off-road water filter that fits your camper, you protect yourself against parasites and life-threatening diseases that go with an unclean water. Tell us how you like to use your off-road water filter by commenting below.

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