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Is the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Off-road Ready?

Is the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost just your fancy truck or does it have a legitimate off-road prowess hidden under the hood?

In this article, we tell you why this 4×4 is as every bit trail worthy as it is on the typical road.

What Is a PowerBoost F-150?

PowerBoost F-150 is the special type of design found in this Ford’s latest model. Its launch date was set from latter part of 2020 to early first quarter of 2021 but has been highly anticipated because it combines electrical and fuel consumption in a convenient setup.

It gives sufficient energy to prevent it from being too fuel hungry, while still allowing it to tow a load that’s worth 12,000 lbs.

What Is Regenerative Braking?

powerboost f150 hybrid
Diagram shows that energy, instead of being fully released outside, a portion of it is absorbed and given back to the battery to recharge it.

To further understand how the PowerBoost works, imagine that on a normal vehicle, you press the brakes to immediately stop it from moving. Then, the remaining energy used to run the vehicle is automatically released in the air in the form of heat.

On the contrary, in a PowerBoost, not all energy from the vehicle is lost. This is because by the moment you press the brakes, the vehicle gradually “slows down” where a portion of power is reverted to recharge the battery. However, it can’t completely stop the vehicle from moving that’s why it’s used with friction brakes.

2021 F-150 Models

2021 f150 models
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The good thing about the PowerBoost design is it’s available on all the six 2021 F-150 lineup and each model gives us an idea how it reacts to different situations.

  • F-150 XL – comes with 17-inch wheels with 17-inch all-terrain tires. It also has advanced track control that helps it stay upright as much as possible when a rollover is about to happen.
  • F-150 XLT – also with 17-inch wheels on 17-inch all-terrain tires. Cruise control becomes a standard part, has lane keeping assist and rain sensing wipers.
  • F-150 Lariat – has memory feature with user recognition if you’re not the only one driving it.
  • F-150 King Ranch – adaptive steering is a bonus feature that automatically adjusts driving requirements based on different situations.
  • F-150 Platinum – comes with 20-inch wheels, running boards, and color accents.
  • F-150 Limited – With standard pro trailer backup assist that lets you guide your trailer’s direction with a just a turn of the cabin knob.

2021 F-150 Ground Clearance

2021 f150 ground clearance
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When conquering obstacles whether solid or liquid, it’s really important for your 4×4 to have the appropriate ground clearance because it helps you go over them, without damaging your vehicle’s underbody.

And in terms of that, the 2021 F-150 isn’t neglected. In fact, the lineup has a ground clearance ranging from 8.2 to 9.4 inches. Of course, some of you would even say, the 8.2 ground clearance definitely didn’t make the cut but hey, that’s what 4×4 modification is for. But if lifting your truck doesn’t really come to mind, you could always choose for more pumped-up rides based on preference like:

  • King Ranch 4dr SuperCrew 5.5 ft. SB 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 10AM) – 9.4 inches
  • Lariat 4dr SuperCrew 6.5 ft. LB 4WD (5.0L 8cyl 10AM) – 8.8 inches
  • King Ranch 4dr SuperCrew 5.5 ft. SB (5.0L 8cyl 10AM) – 8.5 inches

2021 Ford F150 Off road

2021 f150 dash screen
Photo from Doug DeMuro’s YouTube Channel

The latest F-150 also features an updated (lifelike) off-road technology that when you activate, your speedometer is made smaller than usual to emphasize a schematic diagram of your vehicle. It lets you clearly analyze your 4×4’s movements on the trail, where you can find:

  • Travel angle – sustained angle of your vehicle when moving in regard to its current position
  • Steering wheel angle – angle in which your wheel moves or turns on its own
  • Tilting angle – angle in which your vehicle can travel on a curved surface without sliding or rolling over

2021 F150 Snow Mode

2021 ford f150 in snow
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One thing to note about the latest F150 model is it loses battery charge during winter season even when not moving. This is because the extreme cold condition overpowers the battery itself, causing its energy do gradually drop.

However, it should not be a problem. Since the PowerBoost model is considered a hybrid, the engine once turned on, recharges the battery and both the engine and battery work as one to sustain the vehicle upon moving.

If you’ll be driving only on light to moderate snow level, it’s best to switch to slippery mode and engage in 4 High for reduced chances of sliding accidents. Based on Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk’s video, the 2021 F-150 does fine on an estimated one foot of snow-covered surface.

2021 F-150 Rock Crawl Mode

2021 f150 drive modes
Photo from Doug DeMuro’s YouTube Channel

The rock crawl mode lets you handle rocks and other hurdles that can get in the way. Although, honestly, the latest F-150 is pretty comfortable or tamed to ride on both on-road and off-road conditions. Other modes that you get from the series aside from slippery and rock crawl are:

  • Normal
  • Eco
  • Mud/Ruts
  • Deep Snow/Sand
  • Sport
  • Tow/Haul

See it in action through the eyes of Micah Muzio, Kelley Blue Book’s Managing Editor and Vlogger.

How Much Is a 2021 F-150?


Depending on the model or trim you’ll be choosing, you can go for the standard (base) F-150 that’s the XL, which is equipped with all the basic stuff including factory accessories.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling rich, you can pick the other models with packages to customize the features and/or add some new ones. Take a look at the general price list below as based on Ford’s official site.

2021 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

F150 XL F150 XLT F150 Lariat F150 King Ranch F150 Platinum F150 Limited
Price $28,940 $35,050 $44,695 $56,330 $59,110 $70,825

2021 F-150 vs 2021 Ram 1500

There has been a lot of comparisons going on between the two popular trucks but again, it goes down to how you’ll be using each as befitting your needs. Here are some quick facts about them. Check out the full comparison via Car Edmunds.

2021 f150 vs 2021 ram 1500
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The 2021 F-150 PowerBoost may have been dubbed as a “luxury truck” because of the many digital improvements it brings from the push button commands to its lavish interior. However, it doesn’t fall short of power and functionality on the trail. In fact, it still provides a decent punch when it comes to light to moderate off-roading. Tell us what you like about the new F-150 by commenting below.





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