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Should You Use Wheel Spacers?

Are wheel spacers good or bad for your ride?

In this article, we tell you what wheel spacers are and what makes them safe or not.

What Is a Wheel Spacer?

A wheel spacer is a gear that resembles a basic disc that you insert in between your wheels and hubs, that pushes your wheels outward for better ground clearance.

Pros and Cons of Wheel Spacers

pros and cons of wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are more often used for a ride’s stocky appearance than for ground clearance and a wider track path. This means they make your tire look aggressive or trail ready. However, you’ll also exert more effort in steering at the expense of using larger tires. Above are some advantages and disadvantages of wheel spacers.

Wheel Spacer Facts

wheel spacers 2

Here’s the important thing to note about wheel spacers; they’re safe as long as they are correctly installed. But there are also other things you need to know.

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Myths About Wheel Spacers

myths about wheel spacers

Hearing common issues on wheel spacers from others makes you think they’re automatically true. On the contrary, just because people talk about them doesn’t mean they apply to all. Here are some of them.

Stud Trimming Is Necessary

wheel spacer studs

You can get rid of the hassle of stud trimming as long as you’re keen enough to measure your wheel spacer studs. For example, if the studs measure about 1 and ½ inches, you may just buy a 1 and ¾ inches wheel spacers.

Wheel Spacers Are Bad

are wheel spacers bad

Wheel spacers are bad only if they’re used for the wrong reasons and aren’t properly mounted. Imagine if your ride has square-shaped wheel wells and you’ll be using wheel spacers intended for larger counterparts, they’ll obviously damage your existing fenders.

Wheel Spacer Installation Is Easy

wheel spacer install

Wheel spacers aren’t something you simply buy and directly mount on your wheels. Just like what was stated above, even though you don’t always have to cut your wheel spacer studs, there are some instances when you have to, so you avoid accidentally sending your wheels and tires flying, which could fatally hit someone.

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There’s really nothing wrong with using wheel spacers as long as you have a clear purpose under the right circumstances. What matters is you know what you’re doing and that you’re doing it carefully. After all, there will always be two sides of the coin. Share us a piece of your mind on this matter by commenting below.






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