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The 2022 Jeep Gladiator Towing Capacity – An In-depth Comparison

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The latest addition to the Jeep Gladiator Family exudes the grunt of the Wrangler and the functionality of a pickup, but does it have what it takes to be the king of towing?

In this article, we discuss with you the 2022 Jeep Gladiator’s towing prowess and how it fares against its close competitors.


how much can jeep gladiator tow
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The 2022 Jeep Gladiator has a normal towing capacity of 4,000lbs and maximum towing capacity of 7,650lbs. The max towing capacity is accurate as long as you don’t overload the jeep and use the correct max tow package. Although, the towing capacity varies by trim level:

Normal/Average Towing Capacity4, 000lbs4, 000lbs4, 500lbs4, 500lbs

Take note, towing capacity refers to the weight the vehicle can sustain while traveling with a trailer. Because the 2022 and 2021 Jeep Gladiators are almost the same in features, the table below is useful when measuring the over all towing capability of the Jeep when attached to a trailer:


ModelGross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR)
Frontal AreaMax Gross Trailer Weight (GTW)Max Trailer Tongue Weight (TW)
Sport Manual Transmission9, 100lbs40ft sq4, 000lbs400lbs
Sport Automatic Transmission9, 650lbs40ft sq4, 500lbs450lbs
Diesel Sport Automatic Transmission12, 100lbs40ft sq6, 500lbs650lbs
Sport Automatic Transmission Tow Package11, 100lbs55ft sq6, 000lbs600lbs
Diesel Sport Automatic Transmission Tow Package12, 100lbs55ft sq6, 500lbs650lbs
Sport Automatic Transmission Max Tow Package12, 800lbs55ft sq7, 650lbs765lbs


ModelGCWRFrontal AreaMax GTWMax Trailer TW
Overland Manual Transmission9, 100lbs40ft sq4, 000lbs400lbs
Overland Automatic Transmission9, 650lbs40ft sq4, 500lbs450lbs
Diesel Overland Automatic Transmission12, 100lbs40ft sq6, 500lbs650lbs
Overland Automatic Transmission Tow Package11, 100lbs40ft sq6, 000lbs600lbs
Diesel Overland Automatic Transmission Tow Package12, 100lbs40ft sq6, 500lbs650lbs


ModelGCWRFrontal AreaMax GTWMax Trailer TW
Rubicon Manual Transmission10, 000lbs40ft sq4, 500lbs450lbs
Diesel Rubicon Automatic Transmission11, 800lbs55ft sq6, 000lbs600lbs
Rubicon Automatic Transmission12, 100lbs55ft sq7, 000lbs700lbs


ModelGCWRFrontal AreaMax GTWMax Trailer TW
Mojave Manual Transmission9, 900lbs40ft sq4, 500lbs450lbs
Mojave Automatic Transmission11, 450lbs55ft sq6, 000lbs600lbs


jeep gladiator vs jeep wrangler

Aside from the obvious reason the Jeep Wrangler’s towing capacity ranges from 2,000-3,500lbs., the wheelbase is the huge factor why it’s behind the Jeep Gladiator. Because it’s determined by the space between your front and rear wheels, the shorter it is, the more unstable a 4×4 gets since there’ll be uneven load distribution.

2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheelbase Measurements

Wheelbase137.3 inches137.3 inches137.3 inches137.3 inches

2021 Jeep Wrangler Wheelbase Measurements

SpecificationSportSport SSaharaRubicon
Wheelbase118.4 inches96.8 inches118.4 inches118.4 inches

In the case of JK Wrangler, its wheelbase length is close to 116 inches; whereas, Gladiator has a wheelbase of 137.3 inches. If you put too much load on the former, a trailer’s chance of swaying from side to side is increased because the original towing capacity is overpowered, and accidents can happen anytime.


2022 jeep gladiator max tow package
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A max tow package contains the features that will make the latest Jeep Gladiator capable of hauling a load under normal circumstances, except that it’s slightly upgraded to endure heavier stuff. While nothing is officially out yet about the max tow package specifics, Jeep mentioned not much has been changed on the newest Gladiator model, including the 4:10 gear axle ratio which was present already on the 2021 model.

gear axle ratio

This type of gear ratio is optimal in terms of towing or pulling heavy objects. It can be translated as; 4.10:1 where the left digits indicate the number of speed reduction on the engine’s part and the right digit is the resulting number of wheel turn from the given reduction. Simply put, a decreased in the speed level means more stability in dragging objects, especially on uneven terrains.


jeep gladiator competitors

Just like a warrior in every arena, the Jeep Gladiator doesn’t stand alone and there are others of its kind which are ready to test their mettle against it. Have a look at some of them and check what distinct features they offer:

ModelGCWRGross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR)
2022 Jeep Gladiator9, 100lbsFront: 3, 100lbs

Rear: 3, 750lbs

4, 000-7, 000lbs400-700lbs
2021 Toyota Tacoma11, 360lbsFront: N/A

Rear: N/A

4, 500-4, 600lbs450-460lbs
2021 Nissan Frontier11, 230lbsFront: 3, 296lbs

Rear: 3, 501lbs

6, 700lbs670lbs
2021 Chevrolet Colorado11, 100lbs40ft sq6, 000lbs600lbs
2021 Ford Ranger12, 500lbsFront: 2, 885lbs

Rear: 3, 500lbs

7, 500lbs750lbs


The 2022 Jeep Gladiator may be one of a kind because it’s still a hybrid of jeep and pickup, and others may not take too kindly of it. But if you look at it closely underneath, it still has what it takes to roast its competitors if not totally annihilate them in the best in towing contest. Are you excited or not to give the newest Gladiator a go? Comment below!





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