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Top 10 Essential 4×4 Items

From slowly ascending boulders of rocks to making a splash on the beach, 4x4ing is surely your ticket to both freedom and adventure. But when things take a crucial turn, are you equipped with the right gear to emerge victorious against different hurdles that may surprise you?

In this article, we give you access to the most valuable 4×4 items you shouldn’t leave home without.

Recovery Boards

traction boards

Aside from their obvious purpose of preventing your vehicles from sinking in sand, they help you transfer from lower to higher ground where your approach angle may be a problem (e.g. ramp against obstacles). They can also “bridge” the gap between certain landscapes to help you move across.

Off-road Jack (Preferably Hi-Lift or Exhaust)

off road jacks

It’s considered an invaluable recovery gear because it raises your 4×4 to a certain extent which makes them easier to pull when in a tight spot. In fact, it can even be used as a substitute to a winch (as in the case of a Hi-lift) when you don’t have one.

Hi-Lift Jacks – One remarkable thing about them is they have a very high lifting capacity that can reach up to 50” or greater. This can be very useful when you’re deeply stuck in risky, rocky surfaces where you need to hoist your 4×4 and turn it around.

Exhaust Jacks – These babies mimic the appearance of a typical balloon and lift your vehicle off the muddy or sandy ground by sucking in air from the exhaust pipe. However, you have to make sure that your exhaust pipe isn’t clogged with too much dirt or your exhaust jacks will have trouble functioning.

Tire Repair Kit

tire repair kit

A puncture to your tire is bound to happen at some point. A good kit should have a variety of items from the usual wrenches to patches to help get you back on the road.

Air Compressor

pancake air compressor

It’s a device that can either be compact or regular in size depending on the design and usage. It’s attached to a tank that absorbs air into it and automatically stops when maximum air capacity is at its peak. It can put a reasonable amount of pressure into your tire but can be used to power tools for effectively cleaning your 4×4 after a mud bath, too.

Kinetic Snatch Strap/Rope

kinetic rope

This also goes by the name kinetic recovery rope which is a special gear that elongates and gathers strength to pull your stuck 4×4. However, many think that a kinetic recovery rope is synonymous to a tow rope which isn’t. Since the former reduces the amount of pulling force due to its elasticity, there’s very little chance for it to damage your vehicle’s recovery points unlike the latter.

CB Radio

cb radio

CB Radio is an effective tool for communication on the trail. Whether you need to warn your buddy about drowning his tires in a nearby river or climbing a very steep slope ahead, you can easily rely on it even without professional training, especially when hand signals aren’t always possible.

Tire Deflators

tire deflators

These allow you to remove excess, unnecessary pressure in your tire while being on the-go. Usually, tire deflators set your tire pressure to the required PSI level to boost your tire’s grip on uneven surfaces where there’s a great risk of bumpiness or rolling over.

Off-road Shovel

off road shovel

Bringing an off road gear like the shovel may seem to be a trivial thing. On the contrary, keeping one when you go 4x4ing is essentially useful because it lets you scoop away dirt and mud that somehow makes deep surfaces shallow, if you find your vehicle deeply stuck in a trail. With it, it’ll be easier for you to pull your vehicle without putting too much strain on your winch line.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

You’ll never know when an emergency strikes. As such having a first aid kit complete with alcohol, cotton balls and band aids, instantly lets you treat cuts or bruises caused by a splintered wire cable or rock scratches.

LED Flashlight

led flashlight

Doing quick flat tire changes or chassis inspection in the middle of the night or where there’s very poor light can be difficult. But when you have an LED flashlight, you can properly see what you’re looking at that makes repairs easier. And of course, it gives you the opportunity to catch passers-by attention, if trapped or in need of rescuing.


Adventure lurks in every corner, but the same thing goes for the unexpected. With these essential 4×4 items in your possession, you’ll somehow gain the advantage of anticipating what’s to come and be prepared for it. Do you have other essential 4×4 items that are not on our list? Feel free to share them with us.

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