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Top 5 4×4 Winches (4,000-9,999 lbs Pulling Capacity)

Having a hard time picking a 4×4 winch that’s suitable for your average 4WD? While you may get tempted with using one that’s intended for larger vehicles, remember that balanced performance also matters in winching.

In this article, we’ll give you a breakdown of some of the most remarkable 4×4 winches that’s meant for the weight of average vehicles.


Smittybilt 97495 XRC 9.5K Gen2 Winch Mile Marker HI-Series 9K Winch CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT ATV & UTV Winch SUPERWINCH 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & UTV Winch WARN 90451 ProVantage 4500-S Type Winch
Price: $299.99 $1,299.99 $166.64 $233.96 $560.96
Pulling Capacity: 9,500 lbs 9,000 lbs 4,500 lbs 4,500 lbs 4,500 lbs
Integrated or Non-Integrated Integrated Integrated Non-Integrated Integrated Non-Integrated
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty + Three-Year Electrical Warranty Five-Year Limited Warranty Two-Year Limited Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Remote Control Included? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wire Cable or Rope? Wire Cable Wire Cable Wire Cable Wire Cable Rope
Parts Included:
  • Winch
  • Corded Remote
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Wire Cable
  • Steel Tow Hook
  • Winch
  • Corded Remote
  • Wire Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Fasteners
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Winch
  • Clevis Hook
  • Hook Strap
  • Mounting Channel
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Wireless Remote
  • Contractor
  • Battery Leads
  • Antenna
  • Winch
  • Wire Cable
  • Roller Hawse Fairlead
  • Latched Hook with Thimble
  • Circuit Breaker Cover
  • Corded Handheld Remote
  • Mounting Bolts
  • Hawse Fairlead
  • Corded Remote
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Hook
  • Fairlead Plate
  • Winch

What to Look For When Buying

Looking for the right 4×4 winch can be tough. But as long as you keep some of these in mind, you won’t end up stressing yourself at all.

water resistant vs waterproof

  • Material – What makes up your desired 4×4 winch? Is it something that repels water or moisture? Take note that there’s a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. A 4×4 winch that exhibits the former characteristic means it’ll work just fine, even though it gets splashed with water. Whereas, the latter implies it’ll still properly function, despite being completely dipped in water. If you want to keep dust, dirt, and other elemental nuisance out of your 4×4 winch, make sure it’s weather-sealed.
  • Price – Price is a huge consideration, especially if you’re tight on budget. However, going after an affordable 4×4 winch doesn’t necessarily mean you have to let go of performance. In fact, there are many 4×4 winches on the market today that serve the exact purpose including; Bulldog, Black Mountain, etc. But, bear in mind that cheap and affordable are also different.

3 stage planetary gearbox

  • Function – Nobody likes a 4×4 winch that slacks in the middle of an important work. Since there are other 4×4 winches that have a tendency to malfunction, see to it the one you get your hands on is already equipped with a three-stage planetary gear train for a smooth, flawless operation. It also helps if its steel gears are thicker or wider than the regular counterparts, since it’s a plus when it comes to durability. However, if the input speed is too high for a winch and you’d rather go for those with moderate line speeds, choose from a range of standard hybrid gear reducers (i.e. bevel or hypoid gears and worm reducers) to lessen the speed and avoid the possibility of a severe damage on your 4×4 winch. This is because they balance the strain caused by the movement between input and output.

What 4,000-9,000 lbs Winches Are Best Used For?

winching capacities for vehicles

Smittybilt 4×4 Winch

When improved pulling power and fast line speed’s your number one priority, you’ll never be disappointed with Smittybilt 97495 XRC 9.5K Gen2 Winch.

Don’t let appearances fool you because this thing may look simple on the outside but this stores a 9,500-lb pulling capacity that’s enough to give you a helping hand, when you accidentally get stuck. And, you’ll be able to witness a smooth, uninterrupted pulling action.

This 4×4 winch measures an overall length of 22.3 inches. Plus, it’s compatible with any 4×4 because of its universal-fit design.


  • Can effortlessly pull out a tractor.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Excellent pulling capacity for an affordable price.
  • Has a very quick line retrieval.


  • Cover for the remote plug isn’t waterproof.
  • Quite difficult to attach electrical cables.
  • The pins can get corroded.
  • Spooling actions are sometimes hard to control.

smittybilt winch 2

Mile Marker 4×4 Winch

Worried that you’ll have trouble getting out of a muddy and watery surface? Keep calm because that’s not going to happen, if you’re using a Mile Marker HI-Series 9K Winch.

This 4×4 winch is specifically designed to be waterproof. Because of this, you won’t have to stress yourself thinking it’ll suddenly malfunction, when submerged in water. Plus, it’s corrosion-resistant which means immediate wear-and-tear issues, won’t compromise its lifespan.

This 4×4 winch is meant to be permanently attached to either in front or at the rear portions of your vehicle. It provides a seamless operation, as well.


  • Power steering system as power source saves battery power.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Waterproof
  • Solenoid control valve is attached to the motor for easy installation.
  • Comes with a lighted joystick remote control.


  • The most expensive of all the winches.
  • Still uses a wire cable for pulling.
  • Needs a 4×4-specific 35 series valve adapter kit for compatibility with the power steering pump.

mile marker winch


Nerve-racking winch installations won’t come back to haunt you, when you turn to CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 4,500-lb Wireless Winch Kit for ATVs & UTVs.

This 4×4 winch is one of the easiest winches to install out there while being one of the most affordable ones, as well. Why wouldn’t it be? It comes with all necessary installation items from the mounting channel to the wiring kit with contractor and mini-rocker switch, winch setup is only a cinch.

This 4×4 winch also consists of a roller fairlead that seamlessly pulls coupled with a wire cable that’s strong against abusive surfaces. Plus, in case you forget to turn it off, it automatically does the work for you to conserve your vehicle battery.


  • Installation is a piece of cake because of the complete hardware needed.
  • Won’t drain your 4×4’s battery because of the automatic power-off feature.
  • Motor runs smoothly.
  • The most affordable winch.


  • Still uses a wire cable which can be more lethal to synthetic rope, when snaps.
  • Wireless remote doesn’t work well at a 20-foot distance from the receiver.
  • Bolts are too short and the other mounting items aren’t very durable.

champion winch 2

SUPERWINCH Terra 4×4 Winch

If you’re after a truly smooth winch operation, there’s no better option than SUPERWINCH 1145220 Terra 45 ATV & UTV Winch.

This mini wonder-worker is composed of a three-stage planetary gear train that’s twice wider than those of its other kinds. This means, it’ll continuously deliver unquestionable operation that can last for many years. Furthermore, you can easily connect it to your ATV’s battery.

This 4×4 winch has a pulling capacity of 4,500 lbs. It includes an ergonomic, free-spooling clutch that lets you immediately disconnect it and safely get as much rope as possible.


  • Easy to install.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Circuit breaker now comes with a cover.
  • Most affordable winch next to Smittybilt’s.


  • Wiring instructions can be confusing.
  • Wire cable easily frays.
  • Installation parts aren’t complete.

superwinch winches

WARN ProVantage 4×4 Winch

When it comes to keeping the harsh elements out, WARN’s 90451 ProVantage 4500-S Type Winch is one of those winches that make it on top of the list.

This 4×4 winch features a fully-sealed motor design and drive train that prevents rocks, mud, dust, as well as other natural menace, from entering into it. As a result, it won’t malfunction in the middle of usage. As a matter of fact, it’s also equipped with a three-stage planetary gear train, for proper and continuous operation.

This 4×4 winch is made from a corrosion-resistant material that gives it an elegant finish and a long-lasting function. It comes with a lighted, dash-mounted control switch, with a corded remote control.


  • Has all the necessary parts for installation.
  • Effectively pulls and doesn’t get stuck.
  • Requires minimal manual input.
  • Doesn’t fray.
  • The only winch with a synthetic rope for pulling.


  • You may encounter incompatibility issues.
  • Engage and disengage feature can sometimes malfunction.
  • Not really durable.

warn provantage winch


Buying a 4×4 winch takes patience and diligence. Because if you’re really after the good stuff, you need to make all the possible efforts to get it. By adding the material, price, and function, on your list of factors to consider, you increase your chances having a 4×4 winch with an optimal performance that matches its pulling capacity. Got some comments? Don’t hesitate to leave us a message below.

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